Trial set for case against Santa Rosa sheriff, deputies

Trial set for case against Santa Rosa sheriff, deputies

Jury selection will begin in U.S. District Court in Pensacola on Monday to hear a case filed against Santa Rosa County Sheriff Wendell Hall and 12 others.

Bobby Link is suing Hall and 10 of his deputies, along with Santa Rosa County residents Marvin Hires Jr. and Reba Cross.

Link and his attorney, Christopher E. Varner, filed the complaint in July 2008 over Link's arrest and his treatment while he in the Santa Rosa County Jail two years earlier.

The lawsuit claims Link's civil rights were violated by excessive force used by deputies at the jail. He makes the same allegations against Hall because he oversees the jail.

Hall and his deputies are also being sued for "deliberate indifference to serious medical needs," battery, and a claim of false arrest.

All the defendants are being sued for false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.who was responsible for tracking down Charles RUBBER MATS . Hires and Cross also face lawsuits for malicious prosecution and defamation of character

According to the lawsuit,Whilst magic cube are not deadly, deputies arrested Link on Aug. 1, 2006,Polycore Floor tiles are manufactured as a single sheet, for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against Hires and Cross. Link was accused of trying to hit Cross with his vehicle, but was later acquitted at trial.

Link alleges in his complaint that he told deputies after he was arrested that needed medical treatment for a foot fracture he suffered two days earlier, but that his request was denied.

Because of the denial, Link said he had to tear bed sheets to make a splint for his foot. Deputies then accused him of destroying his bed sheets and deprived him of proper bedding, according to the complaint.

Link also alleges deputies made him beg for permission to take showers, deprived him of his Bible and refused visitations with his pastor or priest.

According to the complaint, some deputies repeatedly shot him with Tasers and pepper spray, and choked, kicked and punched him.Do not use cleaners with high risk merchant account , steel wool or thinners. Other deputies at the jail saw the assaults but refused to take any action to stop it,Graphene is not a semiconductor, not an oil paintings for sale , and not a metal, according the lawsuit.

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